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Vacuum Furnace

We manufacture double and single wall vacuum chambers of different types and sizes. Many of our customer's jacketed vessels are designed and built for internal pressure in the water jacket, as well as internal pressure and vacuum on the inner portion of the vessel. Youngberg Industries also has extensive experience fabricating and machining autoclave and rotating locking ring closure assemblies.

All vacuum chambers and vacuum related components are vacuum tested using a helium mass spectrometer.


ASME "U" Stamp

Maintaining our ASME "U" stamp accreditation since 1989 has allowed Youngberg Industries to acquire a vast amount of experience . We can supply all of your ASME Section VIII, Division I pressure vessel needs. We also maintain National Board "R" stamp accreditation for the main purpose of meeting our ASME customer's shop and alteration needs.

Engineering Support

Youngberg Industries can provide engineering support and service for customers for a wide variety of projects. We use the latest version of software, including AutoCAD, Compress, Solidworks, MasterCam, SmartCam and others to assist in ASME Section VIII, Div. I code calculations, flange design and autoclave positive pressure assemblies with locking rings.

Inspection and Testing

We can provide several options for inspection and testing of your next project. Our Engineering staff can assist you in selection of relevant methods you may require.

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